No matter if traditional car paintwork, special designs or nonstandard items – even if you think it’s crazy, we paint everything what’s technically possible

Want a new Outfit for your car, the scooter, a game controller, phone-, beamer- or PC-cases, the bathtub or DJ-Equipment?

We offer:

Special paints:

  • for example glitter, candy, thermal or perl effect and many more..

Spot-Repair (partial painting) to safe time and money:

  • most suitable for “little things” like: fender bender in the parking lot, fine scratches, happy dog greetings on the car door when mom or dad is coming home. “Parked” your shopping one to many times on the car roof to open the door?
    With Spot-Repair only the affected area is repaired, without removing complete car parts.

Industrial Paintwork:

  • steel components and parts, aluminium profiles, doors/frames, banisters or window grills

Speedliner® Coating – when the going gets tough!

We are an authorized Partner of Speedliner®

A tip for all pet owners, outdoor fans, gardening people, extreme sport athletes or carriers who demand a great deal of protection from their coating.

Not only will it prevent the load bed from rust and corrosion, but it’s also available in over 25 different standard colors, including metallic. You can even request your own custom color, giving your personal or business pick-up trucks the ultimate customization or business livery appearance.

Tell us what you need and we are happy to help you!

For more information visit SPEEDLINER® at: